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Quality Assurance

    The credibility of enterprises and products is Conasen supreme management objective, both our agent or end users will enjoy the first-class pre-sale and after-sale service. In practical applications, we ensure that every aspect is closely connected with guarantee the product works.For many years, Conasen's continuous development in the field of internal level control industry are inseparable with high reputation of  before and after sales service .

Before-sales service
Working conditions vary widely as users' needs, which is not easy to provide thousands of products for customers.This requires us to provide users with high quality pre-sales service, according to the status of the demand.

Pre-sales services include:
providing advice for the end users and agents.
Providing technical training for agents.
Providing senior Engineer for site testing.

After-sales service
In Conasen, the core of after-sales service is after-installated products, followed by telephone technical support, network technical support, on-site technical support, follow-up project technical advisory combining multi-level services, which include:
Provide product warranty service of this consignment.
Network technology consulting.
Regularly or irregularly to agent of new products, new technology training.

Warranty and replacement policy
Conasen agent products have been identified by our senior technical engineer after repeated testing. Therefore, we have absolute confidence on the quality of the product, in order to make the agents and users can also experience to our confidence, we provide for all types of products sold by one year free maintenance and replacement.

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