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Measuring principle

The velocity of sound, as well as the liquids density, boiling point or refractive index, are substance specific parameters. The determination of the sound velocity is therefore an excellent tool for a sophisticated process analysis.
The sonic velocity is measured by transducers mounted on the outside pipe wall (clamp-on):
Both transducers are alternatively emitting and receiving ultrasonic signals. The sonic velocity within the medium is then calculated based on the mean value of the signals transit-time, where the transit-time within the pipe wall is accounted for. A temperature probe, also mounted in clamp-on or inline configuration, transmits the mediums temperature. Based on the measured sonic velocity and temperature, the desired process parameters , such as concentration, density, solid contents, yield, and more, can be calculated by the transmitter Moreover, by measuring the transit-time difference, the flow velocity and (mass) flow rate can accurately be determined.

Application guidelines

The concentration monitoring of chemically aggressive and corrosive media, as well as for processes that demand high standards in regard to purity, cleanness and protection against possible contamination - such as in the food and beverage industry.
Chemical Industry
-Determination of the concentration of highly concentrated sulfuric acid
-Monitoring polymerization, crystallization, neutralization, phase separation, etc...
-Determination of the concentration of sodium hydroxide
-Determination of the concentration of ethanol
-Detection of hydrofluoric acid
Fiber Chemistry
-Measurement of water concentration in Caprolactam
Fertilizer Industry
-Concentration and mass flow measurement of Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid and Phosphoric Acid
-Concentration and mass flow measurement of Sodium/ Potassium Hydroxide
-Concentration and mass flow measurement of Ammoniac and Ammonium Nitrate Solutions
Electronic Industry
-Measurement of cleaning agents and solvents
Food and Beverage Industry
-CIP optimization through product identification
-Control of the concentration of sugar solutions
-Measurement of sugar content (¡ãBrix)
-Monitoring of the concentration of coffee extract
-Determination of the alcohol content

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