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Measuring principle

MICROSONAR sensors use non-contact ultrasonic principles to detect and measure the position of an object. They act as proximity switches, or transmit the measurement of the distance from sensor face to the target.
For transmitter models the output signal is either 4¨C20 mA or 0¨C10 V,which can be assigned to any part of the nominal range. Switching points of the proximity switch option can be set to any point within the range.

Application guidelines

MICROSONAR is primarily for industrial process automation. The MICROSONAR proximity switches and distance transmitters are suitable for detecting the presence or absence of objects, or for measuring the distance between sensor and target object with high accuracy. To enable a good quality reflection, the target should have a plain flat surface, and the MICROSONAR sensor surface should be parallel to the target surface, and pointing directly at the target. If the reflecting surface is not plain and flat, it will not necessarily prevent measurement, but may cause performance limitations.
MICROSONAR is applicable to the detection of engine parts; piece work; vehicles; fork-lifts; tippers; cranes. In the same way it can be used with packages and packing cases, cardboard, sheet materials, belts, buildings and raw materials, provided the targets have a surface with the proper reflection capabilities, and their speed of movement is not excessive.

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