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Measuring principle

¡¡Triboelectric measurement, which has been used for broken bag detection for many years, is based on the triboelectric effect. Also known as particle impingement or frictional electrification, the triboelectric effect pertains to the resulting charge transfer when one material rubs or impacts another.
Triboelectric measurement systems are designed to directly measure dust concentration in an exhaust duct. The result of dust particle collision with a stainless steel probe is the generation of electrical signals, which are continuously monitored and analyzed by the DustAlarm® Broken Bag Detector electronics. When the electrical signal exceeds a preset level, adjustable from 1 to 10 times greater than the normal background (base line) signal, a time delay is initiated. If the signal remains above the preset level for the duration of the delay, alarm relay outputs are energized.The two (2) sets of SPDT relay contacts are isolated from each other and can be used to initiate alarms or other functions. Setup of the DustAlarm is guided by a tri-color LED and two singlecolor LEDs, that continuously indicate signal and alarm status

Application guidelines

The DustAlarm?Broken Bag Detector is designed specifically for broken bag detection and leaking filter detection in the exhaust ducts of baghouses, cartridge collectors, cyclones, and any other dust collector containing filters which may break or wear out. The sensitivity, alarm level and time delay adjustments allow users to utilize the DustAlarm to meet their needs in a wide variety of applications.Also, the Quick-Disconnect mounting assembly provided with each unit makes periodic probe maintenance quick and easy.
.Ferrous Metals
.Non-Ferrous Metals
.Chemical Processing
.Mining and Minerals
.Pulp/Paper Processing
.Food Processing
.Fly Ash

Product list
  • MONITOR BROKEN BAG DETECTOR The DustAlarm® Broken Bag Detector provides reliable and economical detection of leaks and filter failures in many powder and bulk solids industries. The DustAlarm is successfully utilized in a wide variety of applications where detection of dust levels is critical either to safety, maintenance, equipment operation, plant efficiency and/or the environment. Utilizing proven technology, the DustAlarm measures the triboelectric effect to determine when particle emissions exceed acceptable levels. Triboelectric measurement, characterized by simplicity and over 20 years of technical refinement, results in superb application reliability.

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