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Measuring principle

PH measurement: Continuous measurement of acidity (pH>7 ) and of basicity (pH<7 ) liquids can be performed by the help of AnaCONT transmitters. The necessary feeding of chemicals and other technological functions can be controlled by the processed measured values. The potential difference between the submerged measuring and reference probe generates a voltage proportional to the concentration of the hydrogen ion in the measured fluid. This voltage is evaluated by the signal processing electronic module of the instrument.Based on the signals of the submerged probe and the temperature sensor the smart signal processing electronic module calculates a pH value normalized to 25¡ãC and generates a proportional output signal. The long term stability and accuracy of the measurement requires a periodic calibration of the sensors using the standard buffer solutions.

 ORP measurement: Similarly to the pH measurement, the measurement of the redox potential is based on the potential difference between measuring and reference probes. Oxidation or reduction occurs on the platinum surface of the measuring probe. Redox potential is a parameter that indicates the sum of oxidants and reducers in the measured medium. The output signals of the probes are processed by the electronic unit and it converts them into a proportional output signal. In order to get the desired medium parameters the reduction of liquids or feeding of suitable oxidant is executed based on the formerly processed values.

Application guidelines

.Checking of water quality
.Water production, Wastewater treatment
.Pharmaceutical industry
.Food and beverage industry

Product list
  • NIVELCO PH/ORP analyzer AnaCONT PH / ORP analyzer is divided into one and split the two types of graphical display with data logging capabilities. Output, including 4-20 mA, HART, relay output. IP protection class IP68,PH / ORP analyzers are mainly used in water, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, energy and other industries.

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