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Measuring principle

The Model 711 Meter with Model 71 sensor is a handheld microprocessor based digital instrument for the measurement of suspended solids in wastewater. The unit has two independent modes of operation that make it useful in performing two distinct tasks in a typical wastewater treatment facility. When the unit is operated in its "grams per liter" mode, the Model 711 is a stable and accurate meter for the measurement of suspended solids in the range normally found in aeration basins (typically 500 to
5000 mg/l). When the unit is operated in its "level" mode, it becomes a fast responding indicator of relative solids concentrations that is ideal for locating the blanket interface level in clarifiers. The two modes of operation are calibrated independently, truly making the unit function as two instruments in one.

The Model 71 sensor is an extremely rugged unit built of casted epoxy. The sensor works on the principle of single gap light absorption. A temperature compensated bright red LED provides an extremely stable and accurate light source. The receiver consists of a precision array of silicon photodiodes that are also temperature compensated. The meter measures the percentage of light absorbed across the 1/4" sensing gap and converts this information to a suspended solids reading using carefully verified digital linearization techniques. The streamlined exterior shape and V-grooved sensing gap of the Model 71 insure that the sensor may be lowered into thick process liquids without trapping excess particles in the sensing gap or disturbing an interface to be measured. The sensor cable features a tough polyurethane jacket, and has an internal Kevlar strand to provide maximum strain relief under tension. The cable is marked with white bands at intervals of 1 foot, with red bands at 5-foot intervals for quick estimation of the depth of immersion of the sensor.

Application guidelines

.waste Treatment Clarifiers; Primaries, Secondaries, Gravity Thickeners
.Petroleum/Asphalt Separation Tanks
.Potable Water Clarifiers
.Raw Water Clarifiers
.Lamella Clarifiers
.Precious Metal Separators
.Any Tank with a Liquid/Solid Interface
.Mining Clarifiers
.Brine Tanks
.Slurry Tanks
.Settling Tanks

Product list
  • ROYCE MLSS analyzer. ROYCE 711 portable sludge concentration meter sturdywaterproof, suitable for long-range precision sampling, the sludgeconcentration meter can be very reliable analysis of wastewater treatment, rivers, lakes and other water-hybrid system. 71 probe isdesigned specifically for portable sludge concentration meter,made ​​of epoxy resin cast.

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