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Measuring principle

Thermometer have Machinery-Thermometers , Bimetallic Dial Thermometer,The Machinery-Thermometers measuring principle is based on the volumetric temperature expansion of the filling liquid in the glass tube. The expansion of the filling liquid is indicated on a scale.the Bimetallic Dial Thermometer element consists of two,welded together, metal tapes. The tapes having different coefficients of thermal expansion. The coiled measuring element is fixed at the end of the stem; the other side being connected to the pointer axle. The bimetal stretches or bends itself in case of a change in temperature, causing the coiled element into a turning movement. This movement is proportional to the change in temperature and is indicated on a dial

Application guidelines
Temperature transmitter can be widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, power, light industry, textile, food, defense and scientific research and many other industries
Product list
  • SIKA dual-metal thermometer SIKA bimetal thermometer can measure and control of a single measurement point, which brings together multiple electronic sensors and local displays, bimetal thermometer is the preferred instrument of the industrial field temperature measurements. Bimetal thermometer can have various combinations of installation and flexible installation.

  • SIKA solar thermometer The SIKA solar thermometer including the 811-812 series and 840 series. 811-812 range of solar thermometer is the scene temperature display; 840 series solar thermometer is a cable to connect to a remote reading thermometer. Applicable to the field there is no electrical energy or long-term needs in the field monitoring of local.

  • SIKA Digital Thermometer The SIKA digital thermometers, including the 901-902 series digital thermometers, and 910-930 series digital thermometer. The 901-902 series is the scene temperature series,910-930 cable to connect to a remote reading digital thermometers. Lithium battery power supply, protection class IP65.

  • SIKA Thermometer SIKA for diesel engines due to vibration and lead to very difficult to measure the temperature of the flue gas emitted designed a thermometer, which is an anti-vibration, capable of measuring high-temperature thermometer. The thermometer which contains a very viscous liquid.

  • SIKA Thermometer

    Germany of SIKA the first branch of industrial thermometer in 1939. SIKA thermometer measuring temperature range is -60 ¡æ ~ 600 ¡æ; the highest accuracy class does not exceed 1% of reading, in line with DN16193; mercury indicator, sensor type Pt100 \ Pt1000 \ NiCr-Ni \ Fe-CuNi \ the NTC \ the PTC; diameter from 10mm to 1mm and wide application.

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