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Measuring principle

UE electronic temperature switch comes with a Pt100 platinum sensor, sensor tip; which in relation to the temperature changes its electrical resistance. The electronics of the temperature switch alters the resistance in a clear electronic signal (4..20mA analogue signal).
The currently measured temperature would be displayed on the switch display and can also be released as an 4..20mA analogue signal to external devices and systems.
A temperature switch comes with SPDT-outputs ,4-20mA,The outputs switch off when the temperature exceeds the pre-set values, as the case may be.

Application guidelines

For alarm and shutdown switching applications, there is no better choice than the One Series family of electronic switches from United Electric Controls. Measuring gauge pressure, differential pressure or temperature, the extremely rugged and reliable One Series takes all of the guess-work out of monitoring process variables to prevent injury, loss and downtime.
With its large digital display, fully-adjustable deadband, and 100% solid-state design, the One Series is the obvious choice for plant upgrades and new construction projects. A built-in microprocessor includes digital repeatability and intelligent self-diagnostics, offering plant operators an extremely reliable and smart protection device. application versatility Proven in use in literally thousands of diverse applications, UE's explosion-proof One Series models extend this revolutionary switching technology to Zone 1 (Division 1) areas.
Here are just a few applications:
.Pumps and compressors 每 start/stop, optimizing, shutdown, staging
.Lubricating oil monitoring 每 sump temperature,bearing pressure, predictive maintenance
.Hydraulic oil pressure 每 high pressure monitoring, emergency shutdown, ram cycling
.Filter monitoring 每 automatic backwash, clog and change indication, proving flow
.Safety systems 每 safety integrity levels 1 & 2, alarm and shutdown, local switching, fast response time
.Plant upgrades 每 power and wastewater plant upgrades, drop-in replacement for mechanical switches

Product list
  • The UE ONE Series electronic temperature switch The UE ONE Electronic temperature switch Electronic temperature switch of the alarm or emergency shut-off applications for the design of the critical point in the harsh and dangerous environment. ONE series electronic temperature switches All models come with self-test and self-correction function of the UE Electronic temperature switch switch output directly to a PLC or DCS DI port, easily and effectively replace the 2-wire instrument.

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