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Measuring principle
The SFD-2 utilize a microwave transceiver (combination transmitter/receiver) enclosed within a watertight, dustignition proof powder coated aluminum housing with a screwon/off cover. A process seal (Teflon?or Ryton? acts as a transparent window through which the microwave energy is transmitted and the reflected return signal is received. The transceiver module generates and transmits a microwave signal into the area where material flow is to be monitored. The reflected microwave signal shifts in accordance with the Doppler Effect phenomena. The Doppler-shifted energy is analyzed to determine the appropriate output from the unit. The SFD-2 has a split-architecture design consisting of the transceiver and a separate power supply/conditioning circuit board. The relays are incorporated on the power supply/conditioning circuit board, which is optionally available with a fiberglass enclosure and indicating lights. With the SFD-2, the Doppler-shifted energy signal from the transceiver is carried back to the power supply/conditioning circuit board through the user-supplied signal and power supply cable. At the power supply/conditioning circuit board the signal intensity is indicated with an LED and converted into a relay output based upon the sensitivity adjustment. The power supply/conditioning circuit board provides the power to drive the transceiver and contains the controls for setting sensitivity, hold-off time delay,hold-on time delay and fail-safe selection.
Application guidelines

Typical applications include:
.Detection of a partial or full plug in a conveying line
.Detecting the bridging of material in a storage vessel .Sensing inadequate or a lack of flow due to upstream equipment failure (conveyor, blower, diverter valve, feeder)
.Verifying flow conditions
.Turning on/off equipment or processes downstream.

Product list
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