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Measuring principle
  The electronic flow monitor works on the principle of the detection of temperature differences. The cylindrical measuring probe contains two temperature sensors. These have optimum heat conducting contact with the medium and are thermally well insulated from each other. One sensor is heated with a constant electrical power while the other sensor is not heated and thus takes on the temperature of the medium. When the medium is not in motion the temperature difference between the two sensors stabilizes at a constant level.The flowing medium cools down the heated sensor. The changing temperature difference between the two sensors depends on the velocity and is a parameter for monitoring the specified minimum flow rate. This signal is sent to a comparator which controls a transistor output signal.With a potentiometer the output signal is set to the requested set point. When the flow rate fails to reach this limit the transistor activates the output signal. A six position LED array displays the proximity to the alarm point which has been specified.
Application guidelines

Typical areas of application:
.Protection for pumps against dry running
.Monitoring lubrication circuits
.Cooling and heating circuits
.Air-conditioning units
.Monitoring for pipe breaks

Product list
  • HI-TOUCH FTEA Series explosion-proof electronic flow switch The FTEA series flow switch is the most reliable flow switch available. The thermal dispersion principle of operation features no moving parts and provides an extremely reliable and repeatable switch for the most demanding industrial applications.

  • WEBER air thermal flow switch vent-captor 3201.XX vent-captor air flow monitors are solid state switching and monitoring devices for use in industrial air handling applications.

  • Inline flow monitor for medium gas vent-captor 3302.1-/xx The inline vent-captor type 3302.1- is a compact air mass flow monitor for industrial applications, ideal for small diameters. The operating principle is based on the calorimetric principle. The inline vent-captor is completely resin encapsulated, thus rugged, shock and vibration proof.

  • Thermal flow switch Offered in liquid and gas sensor types, the general purpose flow switch provides reliable low or no-flow detection of relatively clean, non-coating media with one 1A relay output. Liquid examples include water and acetic acid. Available in Polypropylene-Ryton?and PVDF, the short flow sensor is used in pipe or ducting from 1/2" to 1 1/2", and the long flow sensor is used in 2" and up.

  • SIKA VE series thermal flow switch The VE electronic flow monitor monitors the flow of liquid media to check whether it falls below a predefined flow rate. Working on the basis of the calorimetric principle, the VE has no moving parts, which means that even media with entrained solids can be monitored. A robust design, uncomplicated operation and outstanding reliability are just some of the benefits the electronic flow monitor affords. The VE offers you a dependable and inexpensive way of protecting your installations and machines from costly damage.

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