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Measuring principle

The explosion-proof flow switch have mechanical and electronic flow switch, The explosion-proofmechanical flow monitoring switch comprises a paddle system  to whose end a permanent magnet is attached. Above this magnet is a reed contact, located outside the flow of fluid. A second magnet with opposing poles creates the force necessary to reset the switch back to the no flow position.When the flow being monitored pushes against the paddle system, the paddle swings away. This changes the position of the magnet in relation to the reed contact and thus activates the contact.As soon as the flow is interrupted, the paddle moves back to its starting position, thus activating the reed contact once again. The force necessary to push the magnet back is provided by the two magnets repelling eachother.
The explosion-proof electronic flow monitor works on the principle of the detection of temperature differences. The cylindrical measuring probe contains two temperature sensors. These have optimum heat conducting contact with the medium and are thermally well insulated from each other. One sensor is heated with a constant electrical power while the other sensor is not heated and thus takes on the temperature of the medium. When the medium is not in motion the temperature difference between the two sensors stabilizes at a constant level.The flowing medium cools down the heated sensor. The changing temperature difference between the two sensors depends on the velocity and is a parameter for monitoring the specified minimum flow rate. This signal is sent to a comparator which controls a transistor output signal.With a potentiometer the output signal is set to the requested set point. When the flow rate fails to reach this limit the transistor activates the output signal. A six position LED array displays the proximity to the alarm point which has been specified.

Application guidelines

Pump Related Applications
.Low Flow Shutoff of Pumps
.Seal Water Leakage Detection
.Bearing Lubrication Monitor
.Cavitation Alarm
.Chemical Feeder Pump Sensor

General Applications
.Flow Indication/Verification
.HVAC Flow Sensor
.Tank Car Unloading
.Agitation Monitor in Tanks
.Rupture Disc/ Relief Valve Flow Monitor

Product list
  • HI-TOUCH the thermal FTEA series of explosion-proof flow switch The FTEA series flow switch is the most reliable flow switch available. The thermal dispersion principle of operation features no moving parts and provides an extremely reliable and repeatable switch for the most demanding industrial applications.

  • HI-TOUCH explosion-proof flow switch FMEB series The FMEB  Flow Switch is engineered to specifically monitor liquid, gas, or airflows. Operation is simple and dependable with no mechanical linkage as the flow switch is magnetically actuated. The lower body holds the flow vane and one magnet, which controls the switch actuating magnet in the separate upper housing.

  • HI-TOUCH explosion-proof flow switch FMEA Series The FMEA flow switch operates automatically to protect equipment and pipeline systems against damage from reduction orl oss of flow.

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