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Measuring principle

The flow monitoring switch comprises a paddle system
(1) to whose end a permanent magnet is attached
(2). Above this magnet is a reed contact
(3), located outsidethe flow of fluid. A second magnet with opposing poles
(4) creates the force necessary to reset the switch back to the no flow position.
When the flow being monitored pushes against the paddle system, the paddle swings away. This changes the position of the magnet (2) in relation to the reed contact (3) and thus activates the contact. As soon as the flow is interrupted, the paddle moves back to its starting position, thus activating the reed contact once again. The force necessary to push the magnet back is provided by the two magnets repelling each other.

Application guidelines

.Protects pumps,motors and other equipment against low or no flow
.Controls sequential operation of pumos
.Automatically starts auxillary pumps and engines
.Shuts down burner when air flow through heating coil fails
.Controls dampers according to flow

Product list
  • SIKA VHS / VKS Series Target Flow Switch SIKA has over 45 years of experience in the manufacture of flow switches for liquids. Our expertise in this field, which distinguishes us from other manufacturers, enables us to manufacture highly innovative products based on a modular concept. We offer flow switches to suit many applications and processes. SIKA is not only a market leader in this field, it has also pioneered the springless design concept. Numerous continuous and qualification tests over periods of up to 16 years testify to the quality of our products.

  • SIKA VH780 Paddle flow switch The flowing medium hits the plate secured to the end of a paddle. The resulting dynamic pressure causes the paddle to travel. This, in turn, causes the actuation of a micro switch.

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