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Measuring principle

A section of the flowing liquid is diverted into a open channel, in order to increase the flow rate. The width of the channel is known, so that the fluid level is proportional to the flow rate. Using an ultrasonic sensor, the fluid level can be measured. The sensor emits an ultrasonic impulse which is reflected from the fluid surface back to the sensor. From this reflection, the fluid level and the flow rate can be calculated.

Application guidelines

Primary Areas of Application
.For open channels, gravitational channels
.Measurement of feed or process water
.Yield measurement of irrigation canals
.Treated sewage effluent measurement
.Industrial waste, Power waste
.Environmental monitoring
.Special flow requirements for unusual flow channels

Product list
  • NIVOSONAR open channel flow meter The NIVOSONAR GPA flow measurement system enables flow measurements on PARSHALL flumes, gravitational sewers, brook channels, irrigation channels or any other open channels. The measuring flume is easy to install in new or existing channel structures.

  • FloPro series open channel flow meter The FloPro XCi can be used to monitor just about any water quantity and quality sensor together with vital mining, municipal and industrial equipment and assets. Whether you need to measure flow as well as conductivity, pH and rainfall or utilize a downward looking ultrasonic depth sensor to measure pond levels the FloPro is fully expandable to your needs. Furthermore, FloPro is easily interfaced to SCADA/telemetry systems.

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