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Measuring principle

The liquid flowing into the turbine flow sensor is split into individual jets by the guiding blade. These jets hit the rotor evenly from different directions, setting the rotor in motion. The rotation speed of the rotor is then converted to an electrical pulse signal (frequency): The rotors are fitted with magnets and a Hall effect sensor detects the rotation of the rotor. The VTI series has stainless steel pins in the rotor. An inductive proximity switch detects the rotor rotation. In both cases, a flow-proportional frequency signal (squarewave signal) is made available. Given the uniform inflow to the bearing, the forces largely cancel themselves out and wear is reduced to a minimum. The extremely hard bearing materials - sapphire and tungsten carbide - also guarantee an exceptionally long endurance

Application guidelines

For use in
.Cooling circuits
.Chemical industry
.Water conditioning
.Plastics and hydraulics

Product list
  • High pressure turbine flow meter-SF800/6 The SF800/6 is the high-pressure version of the SF800 with extra metal enclosure. With an operating pressure of 250 bar and burst pressure of 750 bar, it is perfect for more demanding and high stress environments while retaining the versatility and other qualities of the SF800.

  • Precision turbine flow meters-SF800 The patented SF800 is an all purpose flow meter with an excellent price-performance ratio. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and large variety of fluids, and covers flow velocities of 0.5 to 20 liter per minute at temperatures of -20 to +90 ¡ãC and an operating pressure of 16 bar (max 40 bar).

  • SIKA VT Series Turbine Flow Meters The turbine flow sensors are sensors for flow measurement or dosing applications for liquids. Because of the very compact design, the very wide measuring range and the convincing precision of measurements, almost unlimited applications are possible. The extremely hard bearing materials - sapphire and tungsten carbide - also guarantee an exceptionally long endurance.

  • GPI A1 series commercial grade turbine Flow Meters Commercial Grade Meters are designed as self-contained, battery powered units. These indicating meters come in Aluminum or Nylon only. A1 Meters are not field serviceable like the popular G2 Series Meters.

  • GPI G2 Series Industrial Grade Turbine Flow Meters The unique modular approach of the Industrial Grade Meter line allows you to design a meter to match your specific application.
    Turbine choice depends on flowrate, line size, pressure rating, fitting type, chemical compatibility and temperature range. When choosing a G2 Series Meter, select from our wide variety of materials and sizes.These meters offer high accuracy at a lower cost, are compact and include a self-contained design. G2 Series Meters are field serviceable.

  • GPI G Series Precision Turbine Flow Meters The High Precision Meter line is the most accurate of the GPI Turbine Meters and includes a traditional design. These meters come in a variety of sizes and fitting options including BSP, ISO,NPT and ANSI Flange fittings.The GSCPS in this section carries the 3A Sanitary Rating.

  • SIKA VTR series Turbine Flow Meters SIKA VTR turbine flow sensor allows you to determine precisely, dependably and easily the flow rates of different liquids, such as water and other low viscosity liquids, under the most severe conditions.

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