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Measuring principle

   Guided radar works with high-frequency radar pulses which are guided along a probe. As the pluses impact the medium surface, the characteristic impedance changes and part of the emitted pulse is reflected. The time between pulse launching and receiving is measured and analyzed by the instrument and constitutes a direct measure for the distance between the process connection and the product surface.

FM radar works with high-frequency radar pulses which are emitted by an antenna and reflected from the product surface. The time of flight of the reflected radar pulse is directly proportionate to the distance traveled. If the tank geometry is known, the level can be calculated from this variable.

Application guidelines

.Petroleum Refining -Liquefied Gases, Crude Storage, Distillation Columns, Blending Tanks, Finished Product Storage
.Power Generation -Feedwater Heaters, Deaerators, Condensate Tanks, Finished Product Storage
.Chemical -Chemical Injection, Mixing and Blending, Scrubber Vessels, Finished Product Storage
.Water & Wastewater -Clarifier Level, Sludge Level, Lime Slurry Level
.Pulp & Paper -Pulp Storage, Pulp Washing Systems, Bar Screens, Finished Product Storage
.Food & Beverage -Ingredient Storage, Mixing Vessels, Cookers, Finished Product Storage
.Pharmaceutical -Reactors, Buffer Prep, CIP Applications, Finished Product Storage

Product list
  • MONITOR Guided Wave Radar liquid transmitter MONITOR guided wave radar level gauge is based on the time domain reflectometry based on the principle of radar level meter, time domain reflectometer principle first is used for communication cable fault detection, and today we will be guided wave radar level gauge successfully applied in the field of industrial measurement .

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