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Flowline introduces EchoPod, an innovative level sensor that replaces floats,conductance and pres-sure sensors that fail due to dirty, sticking and scal-ing media in small tanks 49.2¡± (1.25 m) or less. EchoPod, a general purpose sensor, combines non-contact switch, controller and transmitter capabili-ties in one package. Combining 4 relays, 4-20 mA output and pump/valve control in one small sensor allows EchoPod to be your total solution. Mainte-nance free, EchoPod reduces tank system hardware through simplicity and consolidation. Additionally, EchoPod is well suited for corrosive and dirty appli-cations with its non-metallic housing and transducer. EchoPod provides a total solution for fluidhandling and automation. The time to ¡°Think Small and Win Big¡± is now, and it¡¯s with EchoPod.


  • Advantages
    Provides switch, controller and transmitter capabilities
    Replacement of multi-point float, conducti-ity and pressure level switches
    WebCal, an innovative PC user interface that provides fast and accurate configuratio
    Compact sensor with 2¡± dead band and beam width optimized for small tank applications 49.2¡± (1.25 m) or less

  • The technical parameters of the ultrasonic level sensor of FLOWLINE EchoPod DL14:
    Range: 1.25m
    Accuracy: 3mm
    Resolution: 0.5mm
    Beam width: 5cm
    Dead zone: 5cm
    Supply voltage: 24vdc (loop)
    Temperature compensation: Full range Auto Surround Impedance: 400ohms @ 24vdc
    Signal output: DL14: 4 to 20 mA, 4 * SPST relay calibration: The WebCal PC software, USB, calibration failure diagnosis: 4 mA, 20 mA, 21 mA, 22mA, or to maintain the time data process temperature: -20 ¡æ to 60 ¡æ
    Pressure: atmospheric pressure protection grade: NEMA 4X (IP65)
    Case Material: PC / ABS FR
    Probe material: PVDF
    Process Connection: 1 "NPT (1") threaded cable length: 1.2 m cable Material: PVC
    Delay: Optional Category: Certification: CE
  • Please call the customer service hotline conasen 4006005217
  • Please call the customer service hotline conasen 4006005217
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