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Brand introduction

For more than 50 years, weber has been a worldwide leader in industrial sensor Innovation. In order to offer state of the art sensing technology plus the added value of application and industry know-how the captor group has emerged.

Each Group member can offer turn key solutions for the application and integration of automated solutions.

The captor group is a unification of companies from a variety of industries and technologies addressing the marketplace under the captor umbrella. The members of the captor group are sharing resources and Know-how and most importantly,  share and benefit from the market recognition of the trade mark "captor", that stands for products and services you can rely on.

Brand characteristics

Today, captor Partners are well known solution providers in various industries around the world:

.Metal and Mining
.automotive and Transportation Technology
.Air Conditioning
.Power Stations and Energy Distribution
.Water Treatment
.Food Processing

Captor Partners are available in most industrialized countries of the world.


Product list
  • WEBER air thermal flow switch vent-captor 3201.XX vent-captor air flow monitors are solid state switching and monitoring devices for use in industrial air handling applications.

  • Inline flow monitor for medium gas vent-captor 3302.1-/xx The inline vent-captor type 3302.1- is a compact air mass flow monitor for industrial applications, ideal for small diameters. The operating principle is based on the calorimetric principle. The inline vent-captor is completely resin encapsulated, thus rugged, shock and vibration proof.

  • Flow meter for medium gas vent-captor 3202.30/xx The vent-captor 3202.30 is an air flow meter for industrial applications. The vent-captor can be integrated into measurement and control systems without additional components. Its function base upon a new calorimetric principle and provides a wide measuring range up to 50 m/s. This vent-captor in a stainless steel housing is particularly suited for use under pressure condition.

  • Flow meter for medium gas inline vent-captor 3302.30 The inline vent-captor type 3302.30 is a compact air flow meter for industrial applications, ideal for small diameters. The measurement of the mass flow bases on the calorimetric principle. The inline ventcaptor is completely resin encapsulated, thus rugged, shock and vibration proof.

  • Flow meter for liquid and pasty media flow-captor 4115.30 The flow-captor 4115.30 is a flow meter for industrial applications which can be installed virtually non-intrusively into any pipe without obstruction of the pipe diameter.

  • Flow meter for liquid flow-captor 4311.30 The inline flow-captor type 4311.30 is a flow meter for Industrial applications. The small compact unit is self-contained and needs no additional parts. The stainless steel pipe itself, running through the center of the inline flow-captor, is the actual sensor element. According to a calorimetric principle a small part of this pipe is electrically heated, such that it is marginally above the temperature of the medium. This heat flow, depending on the flow speed of the medium, is measured electronically and provides an output signal linear and proportional to the flow speed.

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